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CAD2FAB Inc. provides construction CAD (Computer Aided Design) services. Your engineered drawings are brought together in 3 dimensional renderings that coordinate with other trades. Engineered drawings are semantic by nature and need to be made specific for installation. Using this fully coordinated view can help prevent mechanical collisions, saving construction time and costs.

CAD2FAB prides itself on customizing each customer's drawings to match their standards.   From shop standards, to shop drawings, to spool sheets, to field considerations and everywhere in-between CAD2FAB Inc will work with your staff to provide the highest quality drawings available.

Upon completion, the drawings are in DWF (Drawing Web Format)§ these drawings can be shared 3 dimensionally with other trades, collision checked through NavisWorks© printed for review and installation, e-mailed then printed, or sent to the job site. Fabrication sheets or electronic files for CAM (Computer Aided Machinery) can be generated to aid your shop with sheet metal fabrication.  Spool sheets can also be generated for piping and plumbing prefab operations.  If your company has a CAD department we will meet with them and mirror what they do, in essence becoming an extension of your CAD department.  CAD2FAB Inc can be a valuable resource during your busier times freeing up capital for your business.

Most Drawings fail because the drafters do not understand what it is that they are drawing. The competition has taken CAD classes and can draw lines all day, but they can they connect the lines to the discipline they draw. CAD2FAB has years of experience in the field along with years of CAD experience. We know owners, foremen, workers and union reps.  We have been there and our drawings make sense to the mechanics using them, so they are used and followed.


§ Note: A free DWF viewer is available at and is similar to PDF formats but smaller file size and more versatile. 



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